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I meant to post this the day after but then i got busy and now it's mucho late. A few photos from your party are here.

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Check it out....my company just made this!
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Amongst all of the chaos that is our house currently...boxes all over the place, trash piles, no furniture and frozen food (or dining out)....we managed to have a quiet fun night last night. I mean, not like things are all crazy but it felt nice to be able to really relax. We went out to Pastini Pastaria and I had the most amazing seafood dish. It was piled high with lemon, butter, garlic, parsley, shrimp, halibut, and mussels. To top it off, we enjoyed a glass of their house Chardonnay and bruchetta. Oh my gawd. yum! So, then we go home to our very empty apartment and start to watch season 3 of Angel. After an episode, I thought.."hey, let's get into our pj's, go upstairs, get under the covers with our glasses of wine and our Angel watching habit and get cozy. the end.

p.s. we are signing the papers for the house today! eegads. we get the key on Thursday at 5 pm. EXCITING!

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Alright, so every morning I think of and see great things I can jot down here and amuse you all. No really though, I do see some interesting things now that I am an official public transportation taker. People are crazy and they get crazier everyday, not excluding moi. I never remember to share the moments, well, because I get to work and then I am busy and then the thoughts leave my brain.

We are moving on the 22nd of December, if anyone can help that would be rad. If not, we totes understand since it's so close to Christmas and most of you will not be around. I am hoping to just get rid of a ton of stuff. That is the plan anyhow.

With the stress of buying a house, I haven't been able to even think of the holidays. It's usually a time that I send out Christmas cards, bake, decorate and buy presents. This year, we bought a house! which is super fantabulous but also meant that I was going to be leaving the decorations in their boxes and wouldn't have a christmas tree and wouldn't be buying presents (cuz we bought 1 giant one) AND I have no time for baking. boo.

But then yesterday I was like, "um, no...I am going to send out Christmas cards!" They are so easy to do and make me feel a little more in the holiday spirit. Expect a Christmas card from us soon.

Maybe when we move into our new house, we can put a Christmas tree up for like a day or something. That would be nice. A tiny baby tree.

I can't wait to be all cozy in our new house. Central heat here we come. OH lovely kitchen be ready for my baking skills.

Things we are getting for our new house:
A couch
New Dressers
New night Stands
New kitchen curtains, organizer, and table runner
New coffee table (can't decide!)

Right now, if you buy a couch you get a 20% off and that is a credit toward other IKEA stuff. Yay! Once we hear the final word on the house, we will be buying newsies. :)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Okay, so the guy selling this house is awesome. He is a professional golfer who in his spare time really enjoys remodeling old houses and selling them. He takes it pretty seriously by the looks of it. Today we went to do a few other things and I took a TON of photos and went through some paperwork he left for us to go through, like: appliance information, oil tank information, and PLANT information. Like, okay, so the appliance info and oil and all the other stuff that must happen is so great to have. BUT what makes it a little fun is that this guy left us each little tag from the plants he planted in the yard. How nice is that? Another good thing is that this garden he built, so it would need very little maintenance and little water. Our kind of garden. Well, keep your fingers crossed if you can because this house would be an awesome buy for us. Inspection is on the 29th and we should be even closer to our closing date of December 20th. Meep.

Here are some photos:

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i can't seem to stop leaving my umbrellas wherever i go. mostly when it involves the bus. i want to always put it next to me because it is all wet. BUT then i leave it there. at first, i was annoyed with myself. then it happened again...i guess there are just some things i am not good at and one of them is just simply remembering. i can be incredibly flighty. you would think not because i can seem on top of some things but those little things just slide right by. it's funny really.

i went and bought 2 more. if i lose them...i'll buy 2 more.

something i learned while walking today was that it doesn't matter your current mood...if you listen to bikini kill's 'rebel girl' you'll feel better.

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(taken by sc)

(taken by me)

DYM played in Eugene last night and some of us others tagged along. I have to say it wasn't so bad. I mean Eugene is sort of a wierd place but we had a good dinner and breakfast! Also, we had a good time at the bar too. They didn't play til last, so there weren't too many people there by the end but it was still good. The people who were there were all very responsive. One guy even compared them to the B-52's. :)

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